American history pocahontas essay

Many historians believe Smith was never in peril and the placement of his head on the stones was ceremonial. She occasionally brought the hungry settlers food and helped successfully negotiate the release of Powhatan prisoners in But relations between the colonists and the Indians remained strained.

American history pocahontas essay

There were many wars between Indians and white men at that time. A prominent figure who was among representative of the Indians brought friendly relations with white settlers was Pocahontas. In my opinion, Pocahontas was a compassionate little girl, a peaceful ambassador and a typical Christian Indian woman.

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Pocahontas was extremely gracious and mild girl. She helped the settlers out of famine, disease and Indian attacks. Sometimes, she bore some foods to aid the hard-pressed settlers. I think Pocahontas was invaluable friend to the colonists; she not only empathized with their desperate situation but also attempted to provide them with corn and fish.

During that time, Pocahontas came to Jamestown as an emissary of her father.

American history pocahontas essay

This would be a difficult issue to explain why she helped the colonists who might take her land at once. If I were Pocahontas, I would not assist them because they came to my land, they could take over my land whenever they wanted.

But Pocahontas was so generous and full of mercy. She also saved Captain John Smith-who led a small group of colonists in an expedition- from the death. While the settlers were exploring the land, Indians quickly overtook them, killing everyone except Smith.

He was declared guilty and sentenced to death. Before Smith was killed, Pocahontas ran forward and covered his body with her own. Then, Smith was released, Pocahontas and Smith became friends.

It was possible that without her intercession, Smith would have been killed. I believed that God controlled apart of affair chain which happened in Jamestown because Pocahontas was baptized and trusted in God.

She was a typical representative of Indians following God. She deserved admirable and respectful by next generations.

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Pocahontas played an important role and became a romantic figure in American history. She was famous for her many contributions to the success of Jamestown. She also converted to Christianity and married the colonist, John Rolfe.

Finally, she was known as the clement and elegant woman who brought the peace to Jamestown. With her contribution to Jamestown, Pocahontas deserved recognition in American history.Pocahontas brought collaboration between the Native American Indians and the English, which allowed the successful founding of the Virginia Colony.

If a student were to research Pocahontas they would not only find that a famous Walt Disney film portrayed some of her life, but she is also listed as one of the top ten American women in history. Pocahontas Essay Words | 4 Pages Pocahontas For more than two centuries since the death of the Indian princess Pocahontas, legends and stories of romance have been imbedded into our minds, but her dramatic life was more important to the creation of a segment of American history than legend.

May 30,  · Watch video · Much of Pocahontas’ life has been romanticized and sensationalized in movies and books. But written accounts and Native American oral history show she lived a .

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Pocahontas affected society, she was a compassionate girl, and saw to it that the colonists got food. She was also known to have saved lives of certain colonists.

John Smith wrote that Pocohontas was the instrument to pursurve this colony from death, famine and utter confusion.

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