Com 100 exam 1

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Com 100 exam 1

Joey is a dog or he has blond hair is this valid? If it is raining, then you would see water is this valid? You do not see water. If James is a father, James is a male is this valid?

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Slippery Slope Fallacies -assume that a certain step will lead to a conflict therefore you don't You take one toke of marijuana, you will become a crackhead False Dilemma Fallacies -Happens when we reduce several possibilities to two alternatives.

Suppose two people are lost in the woods. They flip a coin to decide whether to go east or west. They head east and it's the wrong way. They then assume west is the right way. Straw Man Fallacies -someone ignores the evidence for a position and instead attacks a lesser position. In the heat of debate on whether our nation should reduce its military spending, a militarist might argue that his opponent wants to leave our nation unarmed.

Fallacy of Composition Fallacies -all parts have a certain feature, this doesn't mean the whole of all the parts has the same feature Every athlete on the team is good, therefore the team must be good.Page 1 Section 2 Astronomy Fall Hour Exam 1 Test Form E 1.


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2. Use a dark pencil such as a number 2 pencil 3. On your bubble sheet, mark form E. 4.

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Com 100 exam 1

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