Design of a high speed multiplier

Because using Vedic Mathematics, the arithmetical problems are solved easily. The mathematical algorithms are formed from 16 sutras and 13 up-sutras. But there are some limitations in each sutra. Here, two sutras Nikhilam sutra and Karatsuba algorithm are considered.

Design of a high speed multiplier

A Simple High-Speed Multiplier Design

In special application in which we need to reduce the time delay. In proposed method, we design a Vedic multiplication algorithm by using Vedic mathematics formula Urdhava Tiryakbhyam method means vertically and cross wise.

In ancient time in India, people used this Sutra for decimal number multiplications effectively. The same basic concept of Vedic mathematics is applied to multiplication of binary number to make usable in the digital hardware system.

The speed of the computation process is increased and the processing time is reduced due to decrease of combinational path delay compared to the existing multipliers. In our proposed multiplication algorithm, we get less time delay compared to other algorithms.

In side the MAC architecture is made of main three block multiplier block, adder block and an accumulator unit. Because they all are depends of multiplication and addition process the speed of multiplication and addition is depends of inside the MAC architecture.

As the inside MAC the multiplier exhibits inherently long delay among the basic operational blocks in digital system, the multiplier determines the complex and critical path.

In two order to improve the speed of MAC unit. The 1st is the partial products reduce the network that is used in the multiplication block and the 2nd is the accumulator unit.

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Both of the most required these additions of big operands that involve long paths for carry propagation.transistor speed, and in the long term, the system may fail due to timing violations. Therefore, it is important to design reliable high-performance multipliers.

In this paper, we propose an aging-aware column multiplier design with a novel adaptive hold logic (AHL) circuit. The multiplier.

Design of a high speed multiplier

DESIGN OF A HIGH-SPEED WALLACE TREE MULTIPLIER Khushboo Bais*, Zoonubiya Ali * Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, DIMAT, Raipur (C.G.), India DOI: /zenodo ABSTRACT Multiplication is one of the most common arithmetic operations employed in digital systems, but multipliers are the.

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"Design of High Speed Floating Point Multiplier Unit" by C. M. Kalaiselvi The state of Iowa is being asked to provide funds to match federal funding for a so-called "high speed rail" line from Chicago to Iowa City.

[2] G Ganesh Kumar, Subhendu K Sahoo Implementation of A High Speed Multiplier for High-Performance and Low Power Applications IEEE Transactions, [3] Arish S Run-time reconfigurable multi-precision floating point multiplier design for high speed, low-power applications IEEE Tractions, Vedic multiplier consumes more power than convention ones.

In [5], the multiplier based on Nikhilam sutra was presented with modification in 2’s complement block and multiplication block. 7-bit encoding technique is em-ployed in the design of multiple radix multipliers. The high speed 32 × 32 bit Vedic multiplier was presented in [6]. the design of a multiplier in which we can multiply two numbers with different size.

So there is no need to design various multipliers to perform multiplication. One multiplier is sufficient. Also this multiplier provides the high speed during multiplication.

Experimental Details In order to design the multiplier containing different.

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