Drought in thar

Thar has had the worst days in its history as infants broke down to malnutrition before their fifth birthdays, by raising the death toll to

Drought in thar

Probe as girls sent creepy packages The people of Thar are facing severe water crisis. The water available through the old wells has become salty and contaminated and considered very dangerous for health requiring immediate attention from the government authorities.

The food items are scarce and that has made the life of poor Tharis miserable under the sizzling hot weather. The recent drinking water crisis in Thar in wake severe drought has opened a new Pandora box of the Sindh Drought in thar regarding their tall claims that the situation in Thar has been under control which is tantamount to hiding the grave crisis that prompted several Thari Sindhis to commit suicide and get rid of these challenging situation in which they lost their hopes from all the quarters as they did not have the rains for the last two years that has caused such a large Scale natural calamity.

It is really sluggish on the part of Provincial Disaster Management authority not making any contingency plan for such natural calamity that might have been an eye-opener for the Federal and Provincial Government to take immediate measure for its control.

Though, it was a welcome decision from Sindh Government having declared the emergency in Thar due to the severe drought that has created a serious scarcity of Drinking water and Fodder for the livestock in the Achhro Thar white Thar named due to white Sand in Khipro Tehseel of the District Sanghar.

The abysmal living conditions in Achhro Thar mostly located in Khipro Tehseel of District Sanghar warrant to take serious steps so that the drought-hit areas may be given assistance in food as well as Clean drinking water may be provided to help mitigate disaster effects.

The drought has completely destroyed the water quality as it has become poisonous and causing various water born diseases and gobbling precious lives of the People of Thar. Even, in Chhachharo, the Government's so-called RO plants are not functional these have further aggravated the already worst situation.

It was debated and criticised by the Sindh Assembly members during their session that Federal Government has sent Tons of Wheat to Afghanistan on goodwill gesture but they have forgotten their Fellow Pakistanis i. The members of the Assembly belonging to ruling PPP, criticised the Federal Government's move and demanded to announce Thar Relief Package so that poor Thari People may have resources needed for their survival.

To some extent, the demand is genuine since the People of Achhro Thar are Pakistani first and then Sindhis within the purview of Sindh Province, but the Federal Government cannot be held responsible for the all this mess and calamity happening due to severe climate Change and negligence.

The Provincial Government must come forward on the emergency basis and help poor Thari People including Men, WomenChildren and prevent them from dying of Hunger and Thirst. The Thari people must be helped on the basis of the Humanitarian Grounds and as per the citizenry rights assured by the Constitution of Pakistan.

The Development Partners and Philanthropists must come forward on the same page devise a comprehensive disaster management policy that may be implemented to prepare the people of Thar against future natural disasters and strengthen their resilience.

The Blame game should be and the Federal Government must announce the immediate Relief package for the People of Thar and should work with Provincial Government to help improve the living conditions of the People and make Sustainable living Plans for the People of the area.

There should not be any discussion or argument or debate that whether this disaster is Provincial Subject or Federal Subject but the Debate should be that how to prepare these people for these natural Disasters and build their resilience against such climate Change Happenings.

All the Chief Ministers of Provinces must come on the single page and help each other in times of natural calamities: If the Livestock starts dying of hunger and thirst, then how will people of Thar survive in such dismal living conditions.

In this whole sagathe role of National Disaster Management Authority and provincial PDMAs is pivotal since their main purpose of establishment is to create awareness amongst the communities regarding the serious effects of drought and protect the Lives of People and their Properties and their livestock.

It is criminal negligence of NDMA and PDMAs owing to their inactiveness, given the serious drought condition where the drinking water is becoming extinct and the insufficient water taken out from the ancient wells is injurious to health owing to high level of contamination as according to reports of some development Sector organisations that the water samples taken from the Thar Desert contain alarmingly to TTC that means that water is just like slow Poison as such a high TTC may cause severe bodily or abdominal complications leading to deaths due to such water contamination.

Finally, The Sindh Government must wake up from the deep slumber and immediately establish Thar Welfare Fund or Relief Fund to help our fellow Pakistani brothers who are living under severe conditions.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan must take suo-motto notice of drought in Achhro Thar and pass strict orders to the Federal Government as well as the provincial government of Sindh to help the People of Thar to face this natural calamity with great level of resilience since they have already fought with it all alone but we as Pakistanis should not leave them alone in this hour of Need.

Drought in thar

Since we are one nation and should feel the pain in any organ of our Federation. It is really pity for us that though the United Arab Emirates is a desert area it attracts the people around the world and their main economic source is tourism.

Pakistan should develop these Desert areas and establish Purified Artificial Water storages, Schools ,Colleges and Modern Hospitals so that living standards of these calamity challenged people may be improved and Economic activities may be created such as handicrafts and the music industry since Thari people are very skilled in handicrafts and they have great interest in folk music as well.The people of Thar are facing severe water crisis.

Drought in thar

The water available through the old wells has become salty and contaminated and considered very dangerous for health requiring immediate. Nov 21,  · Sindh Engro Coal Project at Thar Underground Water or aquifers The project is progressing satisfactorily, as we have achieved approximately % progress in .

It is clear that drought and lack of food are neither spontaneous nor impossible to solve. As in previous years, this year government again claimed that the crisis in Thar is not related to malnutrition and lack of food but the children deaths due to pneumonia and other diseases while facts told quite another story.

Drought Fields outside Benambra, Victoria, Australiasuffering from drought conditions.

KARACHI: The Sindh Cabinet, during a meeting on Monday, declared Thar and parts of Umerkot as ‘drought hit’ area and decided to establish a desalination plant to provide potable water to the. Then came the “drought” of the late s and with it came a large number of NGOs. At the same time, a metalled road to Mithi was constructed, making easy access to the desert possible, and still later, the Tharparkar district was created with Mithi as its headquarters. Thar shouldn't be politicized - the tragedy of Thar is a humanitarian issue, not a political one. The sooner it's drought problem is resolved, the sooner the blame game can be shut down. The Sindh government needs to step and get its act together once and for all.

A drought is an extended period of months or years when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply whether surface or underground water. Generally, this occurs when a . Drought is a recurring phenomenon in Thar Desert. Two or three years of continuous low rainfall coupled with a variety of economic, social and political factors has had a devastating effect on the lives of thousands of people across Tharparkar.

The drought has become a frequent phenomenon in Pakistan, especially in Sindh due to the climate change and an increase in pollution. It is one of the factors responsible for poor growth.

Sindh declares Thar drought-hit area