Heat and dust analysis

The heat production from radioactive decay drops quickly, as the short half-life isotopes provide most of the heat and radioactive decay, with the curve of decay heat being a sum of the decay curves of numerous isotopes of elements decaying at different exponential half-life rates.

Heat and dust analysis

At most the aluminum tests are times the EPA limits which are limits for taste, and not toxicityand perfectly natural to find in groundwater. If you wanted something tested can you just bring it in and tell them were you got it and they test it? It looks like all these samples have just been collected willy-nilly and handed over on faith that they were collescted and handled correctly.

Yup, and what these people claim to do is no more or less scientific than that. Archeopterix April 24, at 3: That means it does not persist in the body as other heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, gold, thallium, etc.

In fact people who work with barium on a regular basis often develop a benign condition called baritosis which manifests itself as a cough, and as tiny star shaped deposits in the lungs which are opaque to X Rays. These clear gradually after exposure to the barium ceases.

Likewise aluminum IS toxic but the body has natural mechanisms to rid it from the system. With the right amounts of the proper nutrients the aluminum is excreted through the hair follicles.

It DOES after all stand to reason that the body would evolve a defense against the most prevalent metal on Earth! Then what about the constituents some people claim also compose chemtrails, such as biological agents like molds, bacillus strains, viruses, spores, etc?

Well naturally you would expect to find those things in the environment and it would be a very strange place indeed that lacked these common organisms. If there are species of bacteria being found in Long Island just as an example that should normally be found in Africa, then how did they get to Long Island?

Not everything being found in so called chemtrail fallout MUST be strange or exotic. If I order a test to find out if there are bacteria in rainwater then I must expect SOME kind of bacteria are undoubtedly going to be found. Bacteria are the most common organisms on the Earth!

There is a panic factor involved. Now if the technician that does the test calls me and says well sir, I ran your tests and I found out something very odd: I said earlier I believe something could be going on and I have a few reasons but as with anything I welcome logical answers.

Stop pretending these trails are so benign. Please highlight the gargantuan fuel consumption of typical aircraft. The visible white plume is the pleasant side of the contrail but the invisible pollution produced may well be thought of as a chemical trail.

The real issue here is that growing numbers of public are becoming aware of atmospheric pollution of massive scale…we can see it with our own eyes. It is the cognitve dissonance between official greenwash and visible pollution that is leading so many to reach far-fetched and fantastic conclusions.

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A chemtrailer that says that we are all always being sprayed by a global conspiracy is as devoid of reason as the contrailer that says we are never being sprayed. The evidence exists to dispel both notions categorically. This site is let down by a lack of impartiality.

How do you KNOW that the occasional trail in the sky is not a chemical trail? TheFactsMatter November 3, at 5: Again, focusing on the absurd while ignoring the REAL problems that are much closer to home seems so ridiculous to me!

MUCH more fuel is wasted on empty buses, cars and trucks than the average person can comprehend.

Heat and dust analysis

Look in ANY 5 passenger car and tell me how many passengers are in it! But, again, most people ignore the REAL problems we face in favor of the imaginary ones. Sure they are…If you are referring to the trails of water vapor and combustion gases in the sky, you are a bit confused.

So many people sound these alarm bells…and then REFUSE to back up there claims with anything more than conjecture, assumption and opinion. Sorry, I need more than that. Feel free to show me how wrong I am!

Again, feel free to provide evidence to the contrary. This whole thing is about evidence….New Study Shows Oceans Warmed By C Since mids, With Large Areas Cooling ocean. Climate Dispatch. A new analysis of top-to-bottom (, m or miles) ocean heat content changes since the mids reveals that (a) large regions of the global ocean have undergone cooling, and (b) the overall net temperature change for .

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