How to make tissue paper flowers for kids

My neighbors have gorgeous flowers out in their yards — pots and plants and bushes — while I have seven hundred bikes, trikes, and scooters scattered across my yard. Plus I gotta say I really like the idea of beautiful blooms that will stay pretty for months with no extra effort required.

How to make tissue paper flowers for kids

Instructions to Make Tissue Paper Flowers By Jennifer Elrod ; Updated September 15, Tissue paper flowers can be used for a number of occasions, and they are a great craft activity for kids and adults. Whether you use tissue paper flowers to decorate a bulletin board or to add a special touch to your Christmas tree, making these flowers is a craft that is both easy and fun.

Layer the paper in different colors or use printed tissue paper to create a truly unique flower. Gathering Materials and Creating a Work Space You don't need a lot of expensive materials in order to make tissue paper flowers.

Each flower takes only about 6 to 8 pieces of tissue paper and 1 pipe cleaner. Sheets of store-bought tissue paper are too big. So cut each sheet into several squares, and make each square the same measurement, from 7 inches by 7 inches to 9 inches by 9 inches.

Clear off a clean, flat surface and place the tissue paper squares and pipe cleaners in separate stacks. Green pipe cleaners mimic a green flower stem. Creating the Tissue Paper Flowers Pick up 6 to 8 squares of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other. Get the sides as even as possible when you fold.

Wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded tissue paper, and twist it shut. Start separating the layers of tissue paper and opening up the paper flower. Continue to open up the flower until you have a pretty, ball-shaped flower.

Making a Bouquet You can create a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. If you do, don't be afraid to mix and match solids with prints. Seasonal tissue paper also looks good for holiday bouquets.

They look cute in kid's rooms, too, especially if you put them in a glass vase filled with colored sand or pebbles. I've worked with various grade levels at different educational facilities.Mar 13,  · Tissue paper flowers make great decorations and party décor.

They're eye-catching and colorful as well as inexpensive and easy to make.

How to make tissue paper flowers for kids

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers. You just even them up when finished. I work with kids who like a quick project, therefore this demonstration worked." " more. A Anonymous. Feb 24, 83%(74). Tissue Paper Flowers are simple, quick, and inexpensive. They are a thoughtful hand made gift that is easy to customize, looks beautiful, and can last a long time.

You . DLTK's Crafts for Kids Tissue Paper Flowers and Juice Jar Vase. Contributed by Leanne Guenther. Directions for making a flower: cut a square of tissue paper (white or yellow) about 2" by 2".

How to make tissue paper flowers for kids

Put a small piece of cotton (about 1/4 of a cotton ball in the center. 1. Pick some pretty tissue paper, you will want 2 yellow sheets for the centre and sheet for the petals depending on how full you want your flower. Place the wooden skewer in the center of the pleated paper and glue to hold.

Now, wrap the tissue paper around the wooden skewer using Washi tape or sticky tape, as pictured below. Once your paper flower is firmly wrapped around the stem, open up the folds to the left and right. Tissue Paper Flowers With this tissue paper flowers craft idea, kids of all ages can produce a stunning bouquet of very pretty flowers quickly and easily!

Make them to decorate the house for Chinese New Year, or give a bunch on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day!