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Http error 500 19 re write a sentence

But when you write, words like everyone, somebody, and nothing are singular and require a singular pronoun for agreement.

Http error 500 19 re write a sentence

Sunday, September 1, Mentor Sentences Many of you were wanting more information on Mentor Sentences warning there aren't many pictures in the post.

I guess let me first define what a mentor sentence is Yep that's all it boils down to, pretty simple. See most of us are use to using Daily Language Practice or Review. This gives students a sentence that is written incorrectly and has them correct it. Which can be useful when teaching grammar and being able to recognize mistakes now you Mentor Sentence gurus don't faint because I said that.

These are just my personal feelings, and what I have found to work best for me. But the idea of Mentor Sentences is that the students need to see sentences that are written correctly.

The person responsible for and behind the idea Mentor Sentences is Jeff Anderson you can view his website here. There is no special list of Mentor Sentences, it's a great sentence that really stands out for whatever reason, that can be found in any text I have pulled many from news articles.

One thing I did learn over the past few years was to help with planning and getting those CCC standards, knowledge standards, and whatever else they may be called was to find a sentence for the week that matched a specific topic I may need to teach.

I know I need to cover commas or I recognize the students are struggling with semicolons in their writing; I will look for a great example sentence from text that we are reading or have read that has and uses commas or semicolons.

It helps that they have seen the text before, allows them to connect Once you have found your Mentor Sentence you spend the week "tearing it apart"; recognizing those things that make it such a great sentence.

Now this is where I feel you can make it your own. I have used and seen many different variations of the Mentor Sentence schedule.

Sentence Correction Worksheets

The most common is as follows: Students notice things about the sentence. I really work with my students on the fact that they need to notice the structure of the sentence not the parts of speech. They can notice the punctuation at this point.

http error 500 19 re write a sentence

Invitation to Notice-Parts of Speech: Invitation to Revise- Students add to and change the mentor sentence to make it more interesting. Invitation to Imitate- Students write their own mentor sentences using the mentor sentence as a guideline for the structure and parts of speech.

Now on to what I do. Like all teachers I have taken what works best for me and my students. This may vary from year to year.

I still think there are parts of Daily Grammar Practice that work for me and therefore I continue to use them in my BIG 5 as morning work maybe another post for another day. I incorporate my Mentor Sentence into my Language Arts block again it may differ when according to day, schedule, and so on.

I always write the sentence on a poster or sentence strip that stays up the entire week. I do all of my noticing, revising, etc.

Here is my schedule it's even different from last year Day 1: I combined the two days because of lack of time. I allow them to Notice first Then they Identify, and yep we share again.

Invitation to Revise Day 3: Invitation to Imitate Day 4: One year this worked amazingly. The students loved diagramming It really helped me when I was a student to quickly identify parts of speech.Jul 04,  · How Not To Write A Story This is a repost of a blog I did last year, because once again I'm judging a short story contest, and once again I'm ready to fling myself off a cliff.

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