Janoskians taking the world by a

Parents not approving of him. Suggested in by homebaseforthebritishboybands.

Janoskians taking the world by a

The Local reported on Wednesday that the year-old was detained by local police on Sunday after fans got out of control during a show at the Parkteatret venue. It is believed that police warned the prankster group that they needed to take control of the crowd, but instead of taking charge, Yammouni publicly counted down until his arrest.

Scroll down for videoJail bird: James Yammouni second from left from Australian boy band The Janoskians was arrested in Oslo, Norway on Sunday when local police claimed he failed to control the crowd at the band's concert'Please go home lol I'll be here all week I'll see you all sometime We just don't want to go to jail for "starting a riot" lol,' he continued.

But despite his request, the crowd did not dissipate, and after live-tweeting the minutes counting down to his arrest, Yammouni was taken into police custody.


He was released just a few hours later, claiming that he was able to 'talk his way' out of jail. He posted a shot of himself with the rest of his band, eloquently captioned: Similar to the Jackass franchise, cameras will film the five members participating in partially scripted public pranks, stunts and comedy skits as the group adjusts to life in Los Angeles.

It will conclude with the the teens - Beau Brooks, 20, twins Jai and Luke Brooks, 19, Daniel Sahyounie, 20, and Yammouni - fulfilling their wish to throw the 'most epic party ever'. Find and follow posts tagged janoskians on TumblrIn this exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, the Janoskians tell us about their whirlwind life while on tour, and reveal the incredible lengths that some fans will go to to see them.

Without giving too much away, we'll just say that some die-hards have been known to use parachutes…Janoskians' Luke Brooks has stirred up trouble again.

The Janoskians have caused another minor internet controversy after Luke Brooks tweeted a Drake and Madonna joke that features the n-word.

Luke Brooks is clearly unapologetic, as he has previously used similar language on Twitter before, and refused to delete any of them. I tried to put a hoop in it, but shit went wrong.

Even YouTuber Lohanthony was caught using the n-word on a secret, racist Twitter account. Some Fans Criticize Luke: Do you think this is hateful or harmless? Mirror Celebs sat down with The Janoskians for a live stream - and it was quite something.

Jai, James, Luke and Daniel Beau was ill - boo! They also took some silly selfies, pushed over a table, spilled lots of water and generally caused a lot of mayhem. One lucky fan also got a phone call from them. Anyway, all you need to do now is grab some pop corn, sit back and relax.

Oh, and we've also got a very impressive version of their Good Bye song coming to you very soon.The normal people making millions from YouTube rutadeltambor.com 18/10/ The Janoskians. who is taking the YouTube world by storm as she creates tasty recipes from her family’s kitchen.

the janoskians are not a boyband but a comedy group that have a few youtube channels (janoskians, dare sundays, janoskiansblog and some have there own ones) there main channel jonoskians have over a million Subscribers.

they have few songs (set this world on . Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word rutadeltambor.com in the bottom left of the page several parts of wikipedia pages related to the word janoskians and, of course, janoskians synonyms and on the right images related to the word janoskians.

Mirror Celebs sat down with The Janoskians for a live stream - and it was quite something. Jai, James, Luke and Daniel (Beau was ill - boo!) answered your questions as well as taking part in a few.

Janoskians taking the world by a

Anonymous asked: janoskians! pls write a baniel where beau cuts himself but none of the bots notice bc hes always so happy then he cuts too deep and skip finds him and when he comes around beau says he did it bc the one he loves doesnt love him (skip!!) woukd be so cute at the end.

Hey, we are One Direction, and we are a superhero league, we try to make this world a better place, of course, without forgetting our studies at school. At school, we're normal guys, but when the world needs help, we transform into the most amazing superheroes in the world.

Boy band Janoskians' singer arrested in Oslo - The Local