My dad s old truck

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My dad s old truck

This is not a post about parenting. I put on my professional hat for this one. I did however, do a recap of all the recaps that my fellow dad bloggers published regarding the recent Dad 2.

My Muse and Me: My Daddy's Old Truck

So if you want dad content, scroll all the way down! Some of you know that I also work in the PR industry as a digital strategist.

This dual citizenship on both sides of the influencer marketing equation has served me quite well in my career. I can provide clients with the "real deal" on how to work with bloggers, and the blogging community knows that they have an advocate on the inside. Kind of like insider trading without the orange jumpsuit.

My dad s old truck

But with great access comes great responsibility. I was recently afforded the opportunity to do something to alleviate this cringing when the organizers of the Dad 2.

The Secrets of PR I wanted to bring this panel together to help bloggers and brands better understand the inner workings of both sides. I want to share with you one of the main takeaways that I hoped everyone in the room walked away with, because I have seen the lightbulbs of sudden understanding go off whenever I have explained this to PR peers and blogger brethren alike.

I understand that both sides may get their feelings hurt a little bit as I do this, but believe me it is for your own good. For our own good. You are a small piece of the marketing equation. But more important than that, you exist in an ecosystem we call media. You are allowed and even expected to have opinions and passions and biases.

The "media" does not have this luxury. Bloggers are not just waiting in the wings for content inspiration from you.

They are not seeking breaking news like your traditional media contacts might be. They are not reporting on anything. It is not in fact their job at all.

They are regular folks who have somehow managed to parlay their talent for storytelling or content creation to attract an audience that is highly valuable to you, and they owe you nothing. They put a lot of work into developing compelling content and cultivating an audience that trusts and likes them.

Everything you value about them is something they have invested time, energy and money in. Whenever they work with you, in other words, they are doing you a favor.

It is your privilege, not theirs. When you get pitched a product or a story, relax. This is not some conspiracy to exploit you to work for free.Trying to find my old car. chad8 Posts: 9. You can always put an ad in Hemmings Motor News giving your dad's name, description of the car and when it was sold.

A real long long shot but you never know. People sometimes find notes in bottles washed up on the beach, too. Mary Lambright's truck destroys Old Iron Bridge in Paoli Indiana on Christmas Ex-Amish truck driver destroys historic bridge by driving her ton trailer across it - .

If you like pictures of old antique orphaned cars and pickup trucks, you came to the right site includes pictures of pickup trucks, Studebaker, Packard, Crosley, American Motors, Nash, Hudson, Australian cars,Keiser and Henry J, Jeeps.

This site contains some of the most CLASSY cars of all timesThere are over 12, Car and Truck Pictures to view including my latest site on Old. My Mother the Car is an American fantasy sitcom that aired for a single season on NBC between September 14, , and April 5, A total of 30 episodes were produced by United Artists premise features a man whose deceased mother communicates with him through a car .

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Jul 18,  · This blog is a place for me to contain all my writing projects: Mercer's Magazine articles, book manuscripts, short stories, journal entries and other Muse inspired works.

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