Operation research case studies

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Operation research case studies

There seems to be some French involvement in the investigation of the alleged nerve agent and Russia ask why that is the case. Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to Britain, further increased the pressure on Theresa May by publicly asserting that the Skripal case was a 'provocation' carried out by British intelligence.

Telepolis points out in German that this would not be the first time that a 'western' service would stage such a 'provocation'. The Skripal case is indeed quite comparable to Operation Hades. They immediately asserted, that the plutonium 'must' have come from a Russian reactor.

There was a lot of media panic, international political noise and condemnation of Russia. Time Cover August 29 This put pressure on the Russian government to increase its security at its nuclear sites.

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The case broke in the mid of the federal election campaign in Germany and helped chancellor Kohl to get re-elected. Months later first leaks appeared, enterprising reporters dug deeper into the story and it started to unravel. Der Spiegel filled ten pages in German with the explosive story.

Leaks and counter-leaks created a convoluted story to hide the truth behind it. A parliamentarian commission investigated the case but the Kohl government eventually shut it down without any political consequences.

The Russian depicting of the 'Novichok' case as a staged 'provocation' has a historic antetype and, quite likely in my view, significant merit.

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It took nine month for the 'Hades' story to fall apart. The 'Novichok' fairy-tale may now see an earlier end. The update carefully distinguishes and discusses the various chemical substances and research programs relevant to the British 'Novichok' claims.

The Working Group concludes: Published studies show that these compounds can be synthesized at bench scale sufficient for an assassination in other countries. The Stalkerzone provides an English translation of the full interview. From it we learn that: Victoriya Skripal tried to get information on her allegedly poisoned cousin Yulia and uncle Sergej from the British embassy in Russia since March 5.

She also unsuccessfully tried to contact the hospital in Salisbury. She heard from the Russian embassy in Britain that Yulia is awake, can eat and drink and can say a few words. This, for now, seems to have nothing to do with the case.

Sergej Skripal is not a lone man but has a number of friends and family in Russia and in Britain who visited him regularly in Salisbury. Sergej Skripal has two cats and two guinea pigs.

What happened to them? They licked the doorknob and turned into walking-dead? Victoriya Skripal wants to travel to Britain and bring at least Yulia back home with her.

There seems to be no additional information in it. I may have been sprayed by a mini drone, or the stuff was smeared onto to the doorknob of Skripal's house or maybe it was, as claimed yesterday, in buckwheat cereals brought from Russia on Sergej Skripal's request.

In my view none of these explanation is plausible. The multitude of the discussed possibilities alone shows that either no one has a clue of what happened and how it happened, or someone is trying to bury the case in a heap of misinformation.

We shall call this phenomena 'Novi-fog'.


It unmasks headlines like this one as mere propaganda: Thus Putin himself did it!SAMPLE CASE STUDIES – OPERATIONS Case Study 1 Make Versus Buy Case ABC Ltd. is a manufacturing company engaged in the manufacturing of valves.

Operation research case studies

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