Our country bangladesh essay help

Bangladesh is my country.

Our country bangladesh essay help

Thursday, October 21, Essay on Bangladesh It seems that Bangladesh is in dire straits now following this unimaginable disaster.

All roads have been flooded, the water supply is tainted, and food is becoming scarce. To help ease the suffering it is up to us, the government to try to enlist help for the relief efforts.

Seeing as our nation lacks adequate funds to solve this problem by ourselves, we need to appeal to our neighbors and the major world powers. If we are able to shake off this misfortune quickly it will be a sign that our country is stable and strong, however if these problems linger, they could contribute to a collapse in the future.

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With this in mind, it is clear that to help us in the long run we must find a way to solve the problem and to prevent it from recurring. Only when the floodwaters are lowered can we pick up the pieces and look towards rebuilding our cities and our economy.

It is our hope that, with foreign aid, we can quickly get working on rebuilding Bangladesh and working towards eliminating the disease and poverty that have stricken the nation. If we cannot stop the floodwaters evacuations may be necessary in order to allow our citizens to begin new lives and to work towards helping our nation recover.

What has happened is beyond a tragedy, it is now a full-blown catastrophe that threatens to destroy Bangladesh. We can recover, but the process will require the full effort of the entire population and then some. It will not be easy, but working together it can be done.

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our country bangladesh essay help

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our country bangladesh essay help

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