Stiffer penalties should be imposed to professional athletes

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Stiffer penalties should be imposed to professional athletes

Andre Rison Three current or former professional athletes have been in the news recently for alleged failure to pay child support. All three happen to be black, and all three faced the threat of arrest.

Ted Rollins happens to be white, and we see no sign that he ever has been seriously threatened with arrest.

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That raises this troubling question: Are blacks more likely than whites to face serious consequences for failure to pay child support? The story of "Ted Rollins and the three athletes" indicates the answer is yes.

Rollins has strong political connections, with his stepmother and late father both having run for public office as Republicans. So perhaps our question should be this: If you are white, fabulously rich, and have deep connections to Wall Street and the Republican Party, are you likely to receive gentle treatment when you fail to pay child support?

They are the three athletes with child-support troubles, and officials did not seem willing to let them skirt the law, as apparently happened in the Ted Rollins case. The case became a federal matter because Rison lives in Michigan and the child lives in Arizona.

A product of Alexander City, Alabama, Owens faced charges in late June that he was failing to pay the full amount of his child support.

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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is leading the case against King, indicating the state is bringing out the heavy artillery. From an Associated Press article: Authorities have been working since to get King to get up to date with the payments, said Schuette spokesman John Sellek.

Investigators tracked King to a basketball camp at a northwest Detroit church and arrested him there Tuesday, Sellek said. Is that last statement true, that everyone has to play by the rules when it comes to child support?

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Our research indicates it certainly is not true in the case of Ted Rollins. And that apparently goes both for the payment of child support and the amount of child support imposed by a court. After 15 seasons in the National Football League, Owens undoubtedly has made a nice living.

Surely Ted Rollins pays more than Terrell Owens in child support, right? Ted Rollins has two daughters, now ages 17 and 13, and both residing in the Birmingham area.

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In other words, Ted Rollins pays less than one-fifth what Terrell Owens pays--for twice as many children. Wonder how our "justice system" might try to explain that one. Wonder how the lawyers involved in both cases would try to explain that one.

Perhaps we will give them an opportunity. Does race play a factor in child-support cases? The only answer we can come up with is, "It sure as hell does!Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

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When athletes are accused of abuse, what actions should sports teams and organizations take against the abusers? even if a legal penalty is imposed, it seldom translates to a professional penalty.

Stiffer penalties should be imposed to professional athletes

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Legal Schnauzer: Are Blacks More Likely Than Whites to Face Stiff Penalties in Child-Support Cases?