Write a program to remove all c style comments in c source file

Introduction Throught this course you will be working on big software projects and an important part of any large project is documentation. Documentation is especially important in group projects, like many of the projects in this class. In order to ensure that your source code has adequate documentation, we will be requiring that your code be fully documented using doxygen, a documentation system for C similar to JavaDoc. This document serves as a brief overview of doxygen and the features you will use on a regular basis.

Write a program to remove all c style comments in c source file

Download demo project - 4. Background Recently, I have been working with C and AIML and I thought I'd write a program that allows easy editing and fast creation of multiple tags within the files.

While writing this, I thought it would be nice to be able to automatically add colour to the AIML tags when the file is displayed in a RichTextBox so that the structure of the syntax is clearer. There are a few existing articles on the subject, both for C and VB see here and herebut they don't go into detail about the methodology used to automatically colour the text.

Overview There are two basic methods of changing the colour of specific text within a RichTextBox: RTF, and modify directly. While method 1 is suitable for when a user edits a file, it is far faster and more of a complete solution to use option 2 and alter the native RTF.

It does require learning a little bit about RTF - but learning new stuff is what it's all about, right?! The way colour works in RTF is that a colour table is defined in the RTF header, and any changes of colour in the text are referenced by the index of a defined colour in the colour table.

For example, the colour table for a simple Rich Text File with three colours Red, Green and Blue would look like this: The first thing we need to do with this string is to search it to find the RTF header, and add a colour table.

The ConfigParser class implements a basic configuration file parser language which provides a structure similar to what you would find on Microsoft Windows INI files. You can use this to write Python programs which can be customized by end users easily. Apr 30,  · How to Write Your First Program in Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language created in by James Gosling, which means that it represents concepts as "objects" with "fields" (which are attributes that describe the object) Views: K. About this Tutorial \Program Files C:\Users\Administrator C:\Users C:\ CLS This batch command clears the screen. Syntax cls Example @echo off copy “C:\My rutadeltambor.com” Rem Copies all the files in F drive which have the txt file extension to the current working directory.

The RTF header is present right at the start of any RTF data and is used to store, among other things, information regarding the correct formatting of the text. IndexOf "colortbl;" ; if iCTableStart!

write a program to remove all c style comments in c source file

The first thing we do is to check whether a colour table already exists with the RTF, by searching for the colortbl tag. If the colour table doesn't exist, we need to insert it in the right place. This is done by first finding the location of start of the header the rtf tag.

From this index in the RTF string, we either insert our new colour table before the opening bracket of the first header table e. This method guarantees that our colour table will be written in the correct place in the header.

Note the order of adding the RTF tags, and the fact that the iterator index is incremented after tag addition, to make sure we don't get stuck adding tags at the same location infinitely.

In the sample code, I have catered to a couple of other characters so that an AIML file a sample of which is included in the sample program is presented as coloured text.

Summary and Further Work This article has shown you how it is possible to directly access the RTF of a standard RichTextBox control, and modify it so that the characters in the RichTextBox are displayed with different default colours.

From this, it shouldn't be too difficult to wade into the RTF format specification linked to above and work out how to add all sorts of other default formatting to text, e. History 3rd August, Write a representation of the configuration to the specified file object, which must be opened in text mode (accepting strings).

The rules in practice

This representation can be parsed by a future read() call. If space_around_delimiters is true, delimiters between keys and values are surrounded by spaces. Write and edit code. Search. Dreamweaver User Guide Select an article: On this page.

Insert code using the Insert panel You can open a new code file using the New Document dialog and start typing in your code. To remove code comments, select the code, and click the Remove . C Sharp:: How To Remove All Format Of Video File And Flash File Dec 11, I am creating small application using c#.net.I removed all image tag using regular expression no I want to remove all video file and flash file also in source code of webpage.

In addition to the side effects of the -C option, the -CC option causes all C++-style comments inside a macro to be converted to C-style comments. This is to prevent later use of that macro from inadvertently commenting out the remainder of the source line.

This article describes the methodology and presents sample code that shows the basics of parsing the Rich Text Format to automatically add colour to text/syntax displayed in a standard RichTextBox control. While method 1 is suitable for when a user edits a file, it is far faster and more of a.

Finally, we remove all binaries and object files in target clean. Below is the rewrite of the above makefile, assuming it is placed in the directory having a single file foo.c: # Usage.

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